The ParticleSeeker is a 10-port smart manifold companion to the NanoAir™ aerosol nanoparticle counter.

The ParticleSeeker is a 10-port smart manifold companion to the NanoAir™ 10 aerosol nanoparticle counter.

Designed specifically for use in the most critical fab spaces, it is available for use in applications that require multiple sample locations to be monitored in a sequential or programmed sequence. The ParticleSeeker makes it uniquely possible to monitor inside process tool equipment Front End Module (EFEM) minienvironments. Together, the ParticleSeeker and NanoAir 10 provide the ability to monitor up to 120m2 of fab/process space when using all 10 manifold ports.

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NanoAir Seeker base in less top
Seeker front
Seeker side pullout


  • 10 manifold points
  • Sample flowrate: 0.1 CFM
  • Sample interval: Min 1 second, Max 3600 seconds
  • Up to 120m2 of fab/process space sampling coverage
  • LED’s indicate active sampling port(s)
  • Multiple (4) sampling modes
    » Ensemble: samples all ports simultaneously
    » Seeker: targets any port that is identified during ensemble operation
    » Synch: communicates with process tool in real-time to follow fab process (wafer path) through process tools and mini-environments
    » User-Defined
  • Small footprint: 8.2 x 5.4 x 4.7 in (21x14x12 cm)
  • Instrument IP address and locations stay with the base station allowing it to swap with minimal downtime (< 5 mins)
  • Dry Contact relay (x4)
  • 4-20mA analog inputs (x4) and outputs (x2) for additional sensors (ex: temp., RH, DAP)
  • USB port
  • Ethernet ports (2): Ethernet Protocol & MODBUS over TCP/IP


  • Provides 120m2 of fab/process space sampling coverage
  • Only aerosol particle manifold on the market designed and purpose-built for use with sample nanoparticles (<100nm).
  • Eliminates crosstalk and other common nanoparticle transport handling problems
  • Capability to monitor multiple sample locations in a sequential or programmed sequence
  • Multiple Input/output communication interfaces enable seamless SCADA data transfer reducing process tool downtime
  • DC Power ports (x2) allow ParticleSeeker to share power with a NanoAir


ParticleSeeker + NanoAir 10 (aerosol particle counter):

  • Monitoring inside process tool Equipment Front End Module (EFEM) minienvironments
  • Ideal for applications requiring programmed sample point monitoring that follows the path of the wafer or other critical surface
  • Broad contamination monitoring when using multiple manifold ports

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