Liquid Particle Counter Performance Calculator

Identify the best Liquid Particle Counter for your Application

Frequently, particle counter users are faced with trying to determine which liquid particle counting system will provide the best statistical data for monitoring their ultrapure liquid system. When comparing the specifications of different particle counters, many of the specifications appear similar making it difficult to ascertain which system is superior and most appropriate for monitoring the liquid system in question.

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) has addressed the need for a gauging device by developing a simple tool named the Performance Calculator. The Performance Calculator allows users to:

  • Enter the relevant specifications of different particle counting systems
  • Measure their particle counter’s ability to produce good statistical data
  • Improve control over the liquid system
  • Save time and costs associated with responding to false alarm conditions


Ready to choose the right liquid particle counter for your application? Particle Measuring Systems has a wide range of liquid particle counting solutions including:

  • Industry leading sensitivity: 20 nm for chemicals or UPW
  • syringe samplers for batch sampling
  • more liquid particle counters…
Liquid Particle Counter Performance Calculator