Payment Policy

In order to provide customers with the experience of shopping for electronic goods – using precision measurement equipment calibration service. Techmaster focuses on the most convenient and professional service for users, through enhancing support for the following payment policies:

1. Regulations on the form of payment:

The terms and confirmations of transactions made on the Techmaster e-commerce website are based on the following policies:

2. Regulations on payment:

  • Prepaid payment (1) :

Is a form of online payment that customers can use to pay for orders, including:
  • ATM card (Domestic debit/payment/prepaid card).
  • International payment cards, credit cards. (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex, UnionPay…)
  • Postpaid payment (2):

A form that allows customers to make payment for orders after Techmaster’s successful delivery, including:
  • Cash
  • ATM card (Bank card; Domestic payment card); Credit cards and international payment cards (Visa, Master, JCB, Amex, UnionPay…) through the Bank’s POS card machine.
  • Credit payment (3) :

Is a form of payment that combined partial prepayment, after Techmaster successful delivery. The client proceeds to pay the remaining amount of money to complete the transaction reliably, including:
  • Advance 30% immediately upon signing the order confirmation; Pay the remaining 70% as soon as you receive the notification of arrival.
  • Mortgage rate 30-70 and agreement between the two parties to buy and sell.

3. Credit support policy:

In some cases, Techmaster can assist customers with debt policy. That is, payment after 7, 15, 30 days from the date of receipt. Depending on the agreement on the contract when signing the order confirmation.

4. Purpose of application:

  • The payment policy is applied to ensure the most convenient and safe process of buying and selling equipment provided by Techmaster.
  • Information related to organizations and individuals participating in accessing or trading on the website owned by Techmaster Electronics Joint Stock Company to ensure compliance with the security standards of the Payment Gateway Partner’s secret.
  • This Policy helps customers understand the basic process of receiving, synthesizing, storing, using and protecting information of organizations and individuals participating in accessing and trading on Techmaster e-commerce sites.
  • The Customer’s access or transaction on website mean that the Customer has read – understood and agreed to comply with this Policy. If we update the revised and supplemented versions of the Policy, it will be notified on the website

5. Contact, answer questions

Whenever Customers need support, please call Techmaster’s hotline  0908 173 345 or send email to: