Sensitivity range: 0.1 – 5.0 µm

The only true 0.1 micron particle counter

The Lasair® III 110 Airborne Particle Counter is a laser diode-based true 0.1 micron (μm) particle counter with 1.00 CFM flow rate. It provides real-time measurement of yield-impacting particles with three configurations to meet your unique application needs. Part of the series of cleanroom particle counters from Particle Measuring Systems.

With a comprehensive set of features and unequaled accuracy, the Lasair III 110 Airborne Particle Counter offers reduced operating costs and the reliability and longevity to support its three-year laser warranty.

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The Lasair III 110 .1 micron Particle Counter can be used as a mobile counter to localize source of particles, and it comes with a full range of accessories for monitoring in different applications, including high-pressure gas.

It features a chemical-resistant, stainless-steel case that is easy to clean/wipe down and is designed to minimize particle traps. Patented Smart Flow technology eliminates traditional under-counting errors in manifold sampling.

Optional on-board batteries provide over seven hours of continuous mobile use, so you can run a sample for an entire shift without having to leave the cleanroom.

What does true 0.10 micron air particle detection mean? Call us to find out more!

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0.1 Micron Particle Counter: Lasair® III 110
0.1 Micron Particle Counter: Lasair® III 110
0.1 Micron Particle Counter: Lasair® III 110
0.1 Micron Particle Counter: Lasair® III 110
0.1 Micron Particle Counter: Lasair® III 110


  • true .1 micron particle counters
  • Diode laser
  • Eight user-adjustable size channels from 0.1 to 5.0 μm
  • Saves up to 10,000 samples for review, sorting, data filtering and printing
  • USB data download to flash memory key
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Large, 8.4 inch IR touchscreen can be used when wearing gloves for simplified use
  • Quiet carbon-free blower/pump for portable applications
  • Particle counter integrates up to four environmental sensors; differential pressure, temperature and relative humidity, air flow velocity and more
  • Optional high-efficiency exhaust filter for ISO Cleanroom Class 1-2
  • Available in 12 language so you can use the same instrument and process across language barriers
  • Calculations and reports for ISO 14644-1 or FS 209E
  • Interfaces with FacilityNet Software for comprehensive data management


  • Saving/reloading recipes reduces time to certify your cleanroom, and reduces risk for errors
  • Control airborne cleanroom particle monitoring remotely via web browser: set-up, sample, display, print, download data and upload sample recipes without having to re-enter the cleanroom
  • Comprehensive cleanroom data management
  • Data download to Excel or USB flash memory key
  • Use same airborne particle counter for ISO Class 1-9 applications
  • Diode laser eliminates need for frequent, costly laser cleaning
  • Optional critical orifice configuration can use house vacuum for aerosol manifold applications


  • Cleanroom and minienvironment airborne particle counting
  • High-sensitivity applications
  • Facility certification to ISO 14644-1 or FS 209E
  • Troubleshooting/mobile applications
  • Manifold sampling (with Aerosol Manifold II)
  • Process gas monitoring (with High Pressure Diffuser)
  • Ultraclean zones (ISO 1-2)

Supporting Materials

Specification Sheets

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Lasair III 110 Inline Specification Sheet >

HPD II Specification Sheet >

DataAnalyst Specification Sheet >


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Available Accessories

printer paper

Printer Paper

Printer Paper is for use with standard printers, as well as for cleanroom-appropriate devices.

spare lithium battery

Spare Lithium Battery

The Spare Lithium Battery is to keep on hand for replacement power as needed. Also available as a four-pack.

Facility Net

Facility Net

Facility Net Software provides a solution for comprehensive environmental monitoring, including a real-time and historical data display. Compatible with Particle Measuring Systems particle counters and molecular contamination monitors, as well as various third-party products.

hand-held isokenetic sampling probe

Hand-Held Isokenetic Sampling Probe

The Hand-Held Isokenetic Sampling Probe works in conjunction with a 1CFM LASAIR III Particle Counter isokinetic in 90FPM airflow.

high pressure diffuser

High-Pressure Diffuser

The High-Pressure Diffuser lets you count particles in high-pressure gas lines by taking gas at pressures between 40 and 100psi and reducing it to a level acceptable to particle counters designed for atmospheric pressure.

Real-time and historical data display for all Particle Measuring Systems particle counters, molecular contamination monitors and various third-party products.

Designed for intuitive and reliable aerosol particle counting. Meets global regulatory requirements including Annex 1.

Remote Particle Counter IsoAir Pro E

The next generation IsoAir® Pro-Plus Remote Particle Counter is designed for minimum downtime and multiple option flexibility.

Ergonomically designed Handheld Particle Counter that fits in the palm of your hand for convenient cleanroom monitoring.