Understand & Mitigate Variability in Aerosol Particle Counter Applications

Establishing and maintaining cleanroom performance of aerosol particles in a cleanroom often requires the use of multiple aerosol particle counters with varying design parameters and display settings. Commonly, cleanroom personnel use multiple aerosol particle counters (as defined in ISO 14644-1) to report an array of airborne particle counts. This paper is a summary of the basic methods cleanroom personnel may use to ensure that the data that is reported by different aerosol particle counters can be compared effectively.

Topics found in this paper include:

  • OPCs for Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Tubing and particle transport
  • Laminar vs turbulent flow
  • How SPC statistical rules are applied
  • How metrology instruments establish and maintain process control

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Laminar vs Turbulent flows
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