Testo 750-2 – Digital Voltage Tester



  • GFCI Test Function
  • Single probe voltage testing
  • Patented all-around viewable LED voltage bar indication
  • Phase sequence test for determining motor rotation and polarity detection for VDC measurements

SPECIFICATIONS Testo 750-2 – Digital Voltage Tester

DC Voltage

Measuring Range 12 to 690 V
Accuracy according to DIN EN 61243-3:2011


AC Voltage 

Measuring range 12 đến 690 V
Accuracy according to DIN EN 61243-3:2011


General Technical data

Operating humidity 0 to 95 %rH
Weight 10.41 oz. / 295 g
Dimensions 10.6 x 2.8 x 1.4 in. / 270 x 70 x 35 mm
Operating temperature 14.0° to 122.0 °F / -10 to +50 °C
Product colour Black
Protection class IP64
Standards EN 61243-3; EN 61326-1; EN 61010-1
Battery type 2 AAA batteries
Storage temperature 5.0° to 140.0 °F / -15 to +60 °C
Overvoltage Category CAT IV 600V; CAT III 1000V
Authorizations CSA; CE


Instrument Measurement Functions

Continuity testing Yes
RDC/RC trigger function Yes
Rotating magnetic field testing Yes
Single pole phase testing Yes
Measuring point illumination Yes

Introduction Testo 750-2 – Digital Voltage Tester

The Testo 750-2 can perform GFCI Circuit tests on AC outlets. When performing a GFCI circuit test, a 35 mA load is applied to the circuit. The testo 750 vibrates ensuring that the GFCI circuit test is active.

In addition to the above features, the Testo 750-2 includes an RCD trip function for safely and easily testing residual-current devices.

The Testo 750-2 Digital Voltage Tester are the first instruments to include an all-around viewable LED voltage indication, ensuring visibility from any angle and making it easy to read measurements in various lighting conditions.

Designed for durability and reliability, the Testo 750-2 meets CAT III 1000 V CAT IV 600 V safety standards and can withstand tough working environments. Audible and visual alerts enhance safety and usability, making this voltage tester a versatile and reliable tool for professionals. It features vibration feedback when voltage is detected, adding an extra layer of safety and confirmation for the user.

The device is capable of three-phase sequence testing, essential for verifying proper connection and functionality in industrial applications.

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Testo 750-2




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