Key Features

  • 300/200/100MHz bandwidth selections ;2 channels
  • Real time sampling rate is 2GSa/s max.
  • Per Channel 20M memory depth and VPO waveform display technology
  • Waveform update rate up to 120,000 wfms/s
  • 8 “ WVGA TFT LCD display


Channels: 2CH+ EXT.

Bandwidth(‐3dB): DC~200MHz

Rise time: 1.75ns

Bandwidth Limit: 20M/100MHz

– AWG Specifications GW Instek MDO-2202AG

Channels: 2

Sample Rate: 200 Msa/s

Vertical Resolution: 14 bits

Max. Frequency: 25 MHz

Waveforms: Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, DC, Noise, Fall, Haversine, Cardiac

Output Range: 20 mVpp to 5 Vpp, HighZ;10 mVpp to 2.5 Vpp, 50 Ω

Output Resolution: 1mV

Output Accuracy: 2% (1 kHz)

Offset Range: ±2.5 V, HighZ;±1.25 V, 50 Ω

Offset Resolution: 1mV

+ Sine

Frequency Range: 100mHz to 25MHz

Flatness (relative to 1kHz): ±0.5 dB<15MHz; ±1 dB:15MHz~25MHz

Harmonic Distortion: ‐40 dBc

Stray (Non‐harmonic): ‐40 dBc

Total Harmonic Distortion: 1%

S/N Ratio: 40 dB

+ Square/Pulse
Frequency Range: 100 MHz to 15MHz

Rise/Fall time: <15ns

Overshoot: <3%

Duty cycle: Square:50%;Pulse:0.4%~99.6%

Min. Pulse Width: 30 ns

Jitter: 500 ps

+ Ramp

Frequency Range: 100mHz~1MHz

Linearity: 1%

Symmetry: 0 to 100%

– Frequency Response Analysis GW Instek MDO-2202AG

Dynamic Range: > 80 dB (typical)

Input and Output Sources: Channel 1 or 2

Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 25 MHz

Number of Test Points: 10 to 90 points per decade

Test Amplitude: 20 mVpp to 5 Vpp into High‐Z; Fixed test amplitude or custom amplitude for each decade

Test Results: Logarithmic overlaid gain and phase plot

Manual Measurements: Two pairs of tracking gain and phase markers

Plot Scaling: Auto‐scaled during a test

– Miscellaneous

Multi‐language menu: Available

operation environment: Temperature: 0°C to 50°C. Relative Humidity ≤ 80% at 40°C or below; ≤ 45% at 41°C ~ 50°C

On‐line help: Available

Time clock: Time and Date, Provide the Date/Time for saved data

Dimensions: 384mmX208mmX127.3mm

Weight: 3kg

Introduction GW Instek MDO-2202AG

MDO-2000A is an advanced version of MDO-2000E. The selectable bandwidth range is upgraded to 300MHz. The full bandwidth ranges include 300MHz, 200MHz, and 100MHz. The sampling rate has upgraded to Max. 2GSa/s and the memory depth has also been upgraded to 20M/CH. Hence, the three major specifications of oscilloscopes have been improved. The new models of the series feature 2 channels including MDO-2000A and MDO-2000AG. The entire series offers the functions of an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. On top of that, MDO-2000AG features a dual-channel 25MHz arbitrary waveform generator. The new generation MDO-2000A series provides a better sampling rate and memory depth for users to obtain more realistic signal integrity, and higher bandwidth selections meet the measurement requirements of higher frequencies.


– 300/200/100MHz bandwidth selections;2 channels
– Real-time sampling rate is 2GSa/s max.
– Per Channel 20M memory depth and VPO waveform display technology
– Waveform update rate up to 120,000 wfms/s
– 8 “ WVGA TFT LCD display
– Maximum 1M FFT provides higher frequency domain resolution measurements
– High, low and bandpass filter functions (GW Instek MDO-2202AG)
– 29,000 segmented memories and waveform search functions
– I2C/UART/CAN/LIN serial bus trigger and decoding function
– The datalog function is able to track signal changes up to 1000 hours
– Network storage function
– Mask test function
– MDO-2000AG equips with a dual channel 25MHz AWG




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