Profile Projector PV-5110 (Series 304)


  • Large 500mm screen
  • Floor model that uses a downward illumination system.
  • Digital readout protractor screen (including zero-setting, ABS/INC coordinate switching functions) for easy and error-free angle measurement.
  • Angled screen allows projected images to be easily traced or compared with a template.
  • The oblique surface illumination system provides clear and bright images, allowing easy inspection of non-reflective workpieces such as plastic parts or printed materials.


Model PV-5110
Code 304-919
Projected image Inverted-reversed
Resolution for X/Y counter
Measuring  unit Digital Scale
Measuring range (XxY) 200x100mm (164x68mm)
Protractor screen Effective diameter Ø508mm (20”)
Screen material Fine-ground glass
Screen rotation ±360° (±370° for display)
Angle display Digital counter (LED) (ABS/INC mode switching, Zero Set)
Resolution 1′ or 0.01° (switchable)
Mechanism Fine feed and clamp
Cross-hairs 90° (solid lines)
Zero-base index (Equipped with the built-in backlight)
Projection lens Magnification 5X, 10X (standard accessory), 20X, 50X, 100X
Lens mount Quick insertion type
Illumination Transmitted illumination
Halogen bulb (24V, 150W, 500hours) (No.512305), Telecentric system, Heat-absorbing filter, Beam concentration and adjustment available
Surface illumination Double-lighting oblique surface illumination unit (Optional), Halogen bulb (24V, 150W, 500hours) (No.512305), 2-step (High/Low) brightness switch

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