Profile Projector PH-3515F (Series 172)


  • Bench-top model that uses horizontal optical system.
  • Suitable for thread pitch measurements—blurred or distorted images will not be produced when workpiece is angled.
  • Erect image on the day-bright screen.
  • 14”(353mm) diameter protractor screen with cross-hairs and staggered lines for easy alignment.
  • Digital angle measurement to 1′ or 0.01º.
  • Heavy-duty workpiece table incorporates linear scales for fast, accurate measurement.
  • Built-in linear scales for use with optional display counters.


Model No. PH-3515F
Order No. 172-858A
Projected Image Erect image
Protractor screen Effective diameter 14″/353mm
Screen material Fine ground glass
Reference line Cross hair line
Screen rotation ±360°, fine feed and damp
Angle display(LED) Resolution: 1′ or O.Or(switchable), Range: ±370°, Functions: Absolute/
incremental mode switching, Zero set
Projection lens Standard accessory: 10x(172-184), Optional accessories: 5X, 20X, 50X, 100X
Magnification accuracy: Contour illumination ±0.1% or less
Surface illumination ±0.15% or less
Contour illumination light source Halogen bulb (24V150W)
Optical system Telecentric system
Functions 2-step brightness switch. Heat-absorbing filter. Cooling fan
Surface illumination
(Optional accessories)
light source Halogen bulb(24V 15QW)
Functions Adjustable condenser lens. Heat-absorbing filter. Cooling fan
XY Stage Table travel (X-axis) 10″/254mm
Table size (X, Z) 17.7″x5.7″/450x146mm
Vertical travel (Y-axis) 6″ /1B2mm
Resolution 0.001 mm/.00005″*
Measuring Unit Built in Linear scale
Max. workpiece width See (L) on page 1-10
Max. workpiece load 100lbs/45kg
Power supply 120V AC, 50/60HZ
Mass 333lbs /150kg
Standard accessories 10x projection lens set, work stage,
power cord, halogen bulb, tube fuse, grounding wire, alien wrench,
Vinyl cover


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