Insize 2894-10F Waterproof Dial Indicator



  • Meet DIN878
  • IP67 Dust/Waterproof.
  • Shockproof
  • With limit pointers
  • Optional acessory: backs, contact points


Spec đồng hồ so chống nước Insize 2894-10f

Introduction Insize 2894-10F Waterproof Dial Indicator

Indicator is a popular measuring device in mechanical engineering, construction, … This device comes in three popular designs: mechanical, electronic and test indicator. Indicator is the small measuring instrument that can be used in several mechanical means to measure a certain deviation of a mechanical component.

It is made by pinions, levers as well as gears. Although, it can be asserted that a dial indicator is mostly used by an operator for measuring the deviation of a linear surface. Insize 2894-10F Waterproof Dial Indicator stands out with good water resistance. This model is suitable for testing requirements in harsh working environments. The IP67-rated design allows the device to operate stably and reliably.

Insize 2894-10F has the ability  to measure accurately and quickly. This device possesses the range of 0-10mm’s range. The equivalent of this device to ±17 µm, graduation 0.01mm. Supporting the user for inspection and assess the status of reliable mechanical details. It’s maximum efficiency to be used for testing. Therefore, Insize 2894-10F is one of the perfect choices that the user shouldn’t ignore.

Features Insize 2894-10F

Meet DIN878


IP67 dust/waterproof

With limit pointers

Optional accessory: contact points

Insize Brand

INSIZE – Founded in 1995, is a dedicated supplier of measuring instruments. Insize provides measurement solutions for the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Energy, General Manufacturing, Medical, Plastics and Rubber industries. Insize is constantly developing and improving technology to produce high-quality and high-precision measuring devices.



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