APC SRT192RMBP2 Smart-UPS SRT (192V, 8 – 10kVA RM, Battery Pack)



  • Extended Runtime
  • Scalable Design
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Communication and Monitoring
  • High-Quality Battery Technology:

Introduce APC SRT192RMBP2 Smart-UPS SRT



Lead time: Usually in Stock


Number of rack unit : 3U

Battery type: Lead-acid battery

Provided equipment:

Installation guide
Warranty card
Rack mounting brackets

Physical of APC SRT192RMBP2 Smart-UPS SRT 

Colour: Black

Height: 13 cm

Width: 43.2 cm

Depth: 68.27 cm

Net weight: 91 kg

Mounting mode: Rack-mounted

Conformance of APC SRT192RMBP2 Smart-UPS SRT 

Standards: OSHPD


Ambient air temperature for operation: 0…40 °C

Operating altitude: 0…10000 ft

Relative humidity: 0…95 % non-condensing

Ambient air temperature for storage: -15…45 °C

Storage altitude: 0.00…15240.00 m

Storage Relative Humidity: 0…95 % non-condensing

Batteries & Runtime:

Number of battery free slots: 0

Number of battery filled slots: 0

Device mounting: Stand alone battery stack

Battery voltage: +/- 192 V

Number of battery replacement quantity: 2

Replacement battery: APCRBC140

Packing Units

Unit Type of Package 1: PCE

Number of Units in Package 1: 1

Package 1 Height: 42 cm

Package 1 Width: 60 cm

Package 1 Length: 100 cm

Package 1 Weight: 105.5 kg

Offer Sustainability

Sustainable offer status: Green Premium product

REACh Regulation: REACh Declaration

EU RoHS Directive:

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
EU RoHS Declaration

Environmental Disclosure: Product Environmental Profile

Circularity Profile: End of Life Information

Take-back: Take-back program available

Introduce APC SRT192RMBP2 Smart-UPS SRT

The APC Smart-UPS SRT 192V 8 and 10kVA RM Battery Pack is an external battery pack designed to provide extended runtime for APC Smart-UPS SRT series uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). It is specifically compatible with the 8 and 10kVA rack-mount models of the Smart-UPS SRT series.

Ắc quy APC SRT192RMBP2 Smart-UPS SRT (8)

This battery pack offers a reliable and scalable solution for businesses and organizations that require longer backup power during outages. By connecting the battery pack to the UPS, you can increase the available runtime to support critical systems and equipment for an extended period.

Features APC SRT192RMBP2

Extended Runtime: The battery pack significantly extends the runtime of the connected UPS, allowing you to keep essential devices powered for a longer duration during power outages.

Scalable Design: You can add multiple battery packs to meet your specific runtime requirements. This scalability enables you to customize the backup power solution according to your business needs.

Easy Maintenance: The battery pack features a front-access design, making it convenient to perform routine maintenance tasks, such as battery replacement or inspection.

Communication and Monitoring: The battery pack integrates with the Smart-UPS SRT series UPS and supports communication protocols, such as USB and Ethernet, enabling remote management and monitoring of the UPS and battery status.

High-Quality Battery Technology: The battery pack utilizes high-performance, maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries, ensuring reliable backup power and long service life.



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