Facility Monitoring System with industrial control systems assures data integrity, process automation, simplicity of use, and data integration.

Particle Measuring Systems FacilityPro Processor provides a central hub for a facility monitoring system. The Processor communicates with cleanroom sensors, including particle and microbial monitors, while buffering data and checking tolerances for alarm activation. As a key component of industrial automation architecture, this embedded system offers high reliability as it controls samples and communicates with central software. FacilityPro cleanroom processors are available in three versions,

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with varying features to support a range of system designs and applications:

  • FacilityPro 5010
  • FacilityPro 3010
  • FacilityPro 1010

All three FacilityPro Processors are compatible with either the FacilityPro SCADA server software or the FacilityPro SMART server module. The FacilityPro 1010 Processor is also suitable for OEM applications, providing an integration path between Particle Measuring Systems sensors and third-party software platforms.

Additionally, FacilityPro processors are part of the PRO Series from PMS, a complete collection of contamination monitoring tools developed from a decades-long commitment to supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers. Use the FacilityPro processors together with other products in the PRO Series for total contamination control solution and the assurance of up to date compliance. The PRO Series helps you provide lifesaving and life changing solutions for your customers by supporting clean manufacturing.

Read more about FacilityPro benefits and features below.

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Facility Monitoring System (FMS): FacilityPro®
Facility Monitoring System (FMS): FacilityPro®
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Facility Monitoring System (FMS): FacilityPro®
Facility Monitoring System (FMS): FacilityPro®
Facility Monitoring System (FMS): FacilityPro®
Facility Monitoring System (FMS): FacilityPro®
Facility Monitoring System (FMS): FacilityPro®


  • High reliability
  • Available in three versions: FacilityPro 5010, FacilityPro 3000 and FacilityPro 1000
  • Cleanroom data integrity
  • Ultimate efficiency and error reduction
  • Simple implementation
  • Flexible integration


  • Designed specifically for pharmaceutical facility monitoring
  • Integration and control of viable and non-viable particle counters
  • High data integrity 21CFR11
  • Ultimate efficiency and reduced error
  • Simple installation and validation
  • Flexible integration


Monitoring of critical environments, including:

  • Filling lines
  • Isolators and RABS
  • Blow-Fill-Seal
  • Lyophilizer processes and transfer carts
  • Biosafety cabinets and flow hoods
  • General cleanroom and facility monitoring


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