Facility Monitoring Systems PC-based v. Industrial Automation

The scope of this document is to describe the difference between PC-based logic and industrial automation design when using Facility Monitoring Systems for cleanroom data management from particle countersmicrobial monitors and other sensors.

Facility Monitoring Systems PC-based Logic Description

This architecture is composed of two layers:

  •  Sensors in the field
  •  PC with software to control:
    •  Interface
    • Data storage
    •  Logic to manage sensors and data (alarms, warning, etc.)

The “brain” of the system is PC Pharmaceutical Net software, which is designed with this approach.

Industrial Automation Design Facility Monitoring Systems

This architecture is composed of three layers:

  • Sensors in the field
  • PLC/DC to:
    • Perform logic
    • Manage data (alarm, warning, etc.)
  • Industrial software to control:
    • Interface
    • Data storage

The brain is the PLC/DC, a component designed to perform high reliability calculations. The FacilityPro® system is designed with this more dependable approach.


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