Sensitivity range: 0.3 – 25 µm

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) is proud to present the latest in their flagship line of Lasair airborne particle counters. The Lasair Pro supports a complete contamination control solution including clean area monitoring (portable and remote) while meeting global requirements for data integrity. Designed for intuitive and reliable aerosol particle counting, this newest addition to the PMS fleet supports a variety of applications while meeting international cleanroom certification standards in the newly released EU GMP Annex 1.

Designed to be easy to use, the multi-gesture touch screen interface and intuitive menu guide you through logical navigation and provides

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effortless learning and simple configuration. Additionally, it was specifically engineered for use where sanitization is required; the exterior of the Lasair Pro airborne particle counter can be easily cleaned using a wide variety of disinfectants and cleaning agents.

The Lasair Pro is highly adaptable, allowing you to program and manage all sampling activities locally or remotely. The unit can store up to 10,000 data samples and the collected data is securely saved and transferred meeting data integrity-related standards such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11. Additionally, you can securely configure up to 100 users on each instrument or use the NFC card capabilities for unlimited users.

Additionally, the Lasair Pro is part of the PRO Series from PMS, a complete collection of contamination monitoring tools developed from a decades-long commitment to supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers. Use the Lasair Pro together with other products in the PRO Series for a total contamination control solution and the assurance of up-to-date compliance. The PRO Series helps you provide lifesaving and life-changing solutions for your customers by supporting clean manufacturing.

Read more about the Lasair Pro benefits and features below and explore what the new Lasair Pro can do for you today!

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Lasair Pro Compliant
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  • 8.4-inch SVGA color touchscreen compatible with gloves
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant audit trail with 20,000 recorded activities
  • Up to 100 configurable users with three (3) privilege groups (administrator, supervisor, operator)
  • Up to 1,000 configurable locations organized by area, room, and location hierarchy
  • Up to 100 configurable recipes
  • Rechargable lithium ion batteries for portable use
  • Optional thermal printer
  • EU GMP Annex 1 compliant


  • Portable, continuous operation
  • Easy to clean polycarbonate exterior
  • Reduced operator errors with pre-set recipes
  • Unlimited users and recipes configurable with NFC access cards
  • Long term data storage and analysis capabilities with Pharmaceutical Net Pro software.
  • VHP-resistant enclosure and HEPA-filtered exhaust
  • Audit trail meets latest data integrity requirements
  • Comprehensive validation manual (optional)


  • Use with FacilityPro Environmental Monitoring Systems or Facility/Pharmaceutical Net Monitoring Software.
  • Cleanroom monitoring
  • Facility certification for ISO 14644-1:2015EU GMP Annex 1, China GMP, FS 209E
  • Trend analysis
  • Statistical process control
  • Troubleshooting particle excursions
  • Manifold compatible
  • Portable or remote/fixed use

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Available Accessories

DataAnalyst Software

DataAnalyst Software

DataAnalyst allows for downloading, archiving, and reporting for full compliance with all secure data transfer requirements.Reports can be generated to meet industry requirements and configured to include raw data, tabular data, and statistical and graphical formats.

Catalog LPro

Spare Lithium Battery

The Spare Lithium Battery is to keep on hand for replacement power as needed. Also available as a four-pack.

printer paper

Printer Paper

Printer Paper is for use with standard printers, as well as for cleanroom-appropriate devices.

hand-held isokenetic sampling probe

Hand-Held Isokenetic Sampling Probe

The Hand-Held Isokenetic Sampling Probe works in conjunction with a 1CFM LASAIR III Particle Counter isokinetic in 90FPM airflow.


High-Pressure Diffuser

The High-Pressure Diffuser lets you count particles in high-pressure gas lines by taking gas at pressures between 40 and 100psi and reducing it to a level acceptable to particle counters designed for atmospheric pressure.

Ergonomically designed Handheld Particle Counter that fits in the palm of your hand for convenient cleanroom monitoring.

The next generation IsoAir® Pro-Plus Remote Particle Counter is designed for minimum downtime and multiple option flexibility.

This active air cleanroom microbial air sampler is EU GMP Annex 1 and ISO 14698:2003 compliant.

FacilityPro® Cleanroom Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry provides the interface, data management, and reporting for an environmental monitoring…

Pharmaceutical Net Pro: Environmental Monitoring Software

Pharmaceutical Net Pro environmental monitoring software provides monitoring, reporting and management tool that delivers high reliability and data integrity.

FacilityProFacility Monitoring System (FMS): FacilityPro®

Facility Monitoring System with industrial control systems assures data integrity, process automation, simplicity of use, and data integration.


DataAnalyst Software helps you understand the data coming from your particle counter for an easy and low-cost way to effectively manage data, including maintaining electronic records.

An Annex 1 compliant, compact, remote, VHP-resistant particle counter for an effective and flexible particle monitoring system.