Air Flow Meter Calibration

Air Flow Meter Calibration

Techmaster introduce Calibration procedure for air flow meter

1. Scope of procedure

Unit Under Test Characteristics

Performance Range

Performance Method

Air flow rate

Up to 200 L/M

Comparison to standard flow meter

2. Standard and supporting device

– Standard Flow Meter ALICAT PCU, flow range up to 200L/min or equivalent
– Connecting tube with various size, fitting with in/out port of Unit Under Test (UUT) and standard meter (STD).
– Air flow generator range up to 200L/min or more, with flow regulator or control valve.

3. Environment conditions

– Temperature: (20 ÷ 25)oC

– Relative Humidity: (20 ÷ 65)%RH

Note: environment conditions above apply for Techmaster inhouse laboratories. Outside this bound conditions will be considered with customer for uncertainty and measurement results.

4. Preparation

– Select suitable tubes, connect Air Flow Generator – STD meter and UUT, at the suction side or arrow direction of each equipment.
– If UUT has control / adjustable valve, then connect UUT between Generator and STD meter.
– If UUT has internal pump, then Generator shall not be used. Connect UUT to STD meter directly.
– Teflon, quick-connector can be used if need.
– Ensure that system is no leak.
– Connect Air Flow Generator, STD meter, UUT to suitable power.
– Turn all on, allow warm up at least 30minutes or follow manufacturer’s instruction.

5. Perform

– Perform test points at: 25, 50, 75 and 100% UUT range, or follow customer’s requirement.
– Press measure button on UUT and STD meter, if needed.
– Slowly adjust flow rate output from the Generator, until STD meter reach nearly first test point.
– In case UUT has internal pump and flow setting function, then use UUT to generate test point.
– Allow for stable reading, record value of UUT and STD meter. Repeat 5 times.
– Repeat above steps for remain test points.
– Calibration now completed, set output air flow of Generator decreasing to zero.
– Turn off UUT and STD meter, take out of all components above.

6. Tolerance

– Device tolerance will be based on customer requirements, unless otherwise stated.
– If the customer has no requirements, it will be based on manufacturer specifications or other reference sources.
– If not, the tolerance ± (3% of reading +0.3%FS) will be applied.

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