PRO Series for Complete Contamination Control

The new PRO Series of Contamination Control solutions helps you provide lifesaving and life-changing solutions to your customers by confirming clean manufacturing while meeting industry regulations.

Particle Counters
Microbial Monitors
Data management
Data Management
Facility Monitoring
Facility Monitoring

An advancement in contamination monitoring solutions. The new PRO Series of complete contamination control solutions includes portable and remote, viable and non-viable particle counters, and FMS and Data Management solutions.

Meet all current and anticipated regulatory requirements including EU GMP Annex 1ISO 14644-1/2USP 797USP 78821 CFR Part 11, and ISO 21501-4.

Helping you provide safe medications to the end customer. You take many steps to ensure the sterility of your injectable solutions – the PRO Series helps you ensure contamination control during the manufacturing process and throughout the facility.

The PRO Series from PMS is a complete portfolio of contamination control tools realized from a decades-long commitment to supporting pharmaceutical manufacturers in providing lifesaving and life-changing solutions to their end customers.

Select any products or services from the PRO Series with the confidence that they will help you meet all current and anticipated global contamination monitoring regulations while providing safe treatments for the end customer.

PRO Series Product Portfolio

Airborne Particle Counter: Lasair® Pro

Designed for intuitive and reliable portable and remote airborne particle counting. Meets all regulatory requirements.

Remote Particle Counter: IsoAir® Pro-E

A compact, remote VHP resistant particle counter for an effective and flexible particle monitoring system.
Iso Pro Plus

Remote Particle Counter: IsoAir® Pro-Plus

The next generation IsoAir® Pro-Plus Remote Particle Counter is designed for minimum downtime and multiple option flexibility.