Mitutoyo to supply from standard calipers to ultra-high-resolution micrometers and beyond, Mitutoyo is your ultimate source for both mechanical and digital small tool measurement.


Precision Metrology for Your Industry

Mitutoyo works with companies in numerous industries to provide the advanced precision measurement solutions they need for accurate,efficient production.See what Mitutoyo’s solutions can do for your specific applications.


Caliper Mitutoyo


Mũi tên Mitutoyo
Compa đo trong đồng hồ Mitutoyo 209-303 (20-40mm/ 0.01mm)
Mũi tên Mitutoyo
Thước đo độ sâu điện tử Mitutoyo 571-203-20 (1)
Mũi tên Mitutoyo
Thước đo quang học Mitutoyo 539-806 (0-350mm)

Linear Scale

Mũi tên Mitutoyo
Đồng hồ đo lỗ Mitutoyo 511-723 (1)

Bore Gauge

Mũi tên Mitutoyo
Thước đo độ cao điện tử Mitutoyo 192-613-10 (0-300mm/0.01mm hoặc 0.005mm)

Height Gauge

Mũi tên Mitutoyo
Đồng hồ so điện tử Mitutoyo 543-790B


Mũi tên Mitutoyo
Đồng hồ đo độ dày vật liệu kiểu cơ Mitutoyo 7301
Mũi tên Mitutoyo
Top 4 sản phẩm từ Mitutoyo

Magnetic Stand

Mũi tên Mitutoyo
Bộ Căn Mẫu 56 Chi Tiết INSIZE 4100-156 (0.5~100mm, Grade 1)

Gauge Block

Mũi tên Mitutoyo

Benefits of a Mitutoyo Small Tool Solution

Designed for Precision

When applications need the utmost accuracy, we offer metrology solutions with unmatched precision. This includes the highest-resolution handheld micrometer available, with a resolution down to .000005 inches.

Easy to Use

With ergonomic design, single-key operation and other built-in usability features, our small tools solutions reduce user effort and strain.

Exceptional Durability

We build our small tools to last, with environmental resistance and coolant-proofing available in many models.

Seamless Data Transfer

Transfer measurement data to SPC software using either wired or wireless attachments, eliminating user error and improving throughput.

Trusted Quality Control

The Mitutoyo instruments and gage blocks are fully traceable to NIST standards. We implement rigorous quality control procedures for every instrument, from foundry to final product.