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Contamination Monitoring Professionals

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) specializes in viable and nonviable particle counters and particle counting solutions that measure and monitor contamination levels in clean and controlled environments. Since 1972, our knowledgeable and experienced team has been developing innovative technologies to advance the cleanroom monitoring industry. Led by our technology which provides accurate and reliable results and information for our clients, Particle Measuring Systems is one of the world’s leading companies and manufacturers for particle counting instruments, and molecular and microbial monitoring.

A cleanroom is a controlled environment to manufacture products to help improve yield and meet regulatory requirements. We lead this industry of cleanroom particle counters and contamination monitoring worldwide by actively developing our instruments to perfection. Anything less is unsatisfactory. read more >

Particle Counters: Air & Liquid, Viable & Non-Viable

To find the right solution for your application, start by selecting one on the product lines below. Then use the particle finder tool at the left to narrow down the best solution. read more >

Contamination Control for the Semiconductor Industry

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS®) has the application expertise and particle monitoring instruments with the industry leading sensitivity you need to reduce yield loss.


Particle Measuring Systems can provide you with particle monitoring solutions to determine how clean your semiconductor or microelectronics manufacturing is.

By continuously counting particles when and where products (water, chemicals, air) are at risk, we provide the global expertise and high-performance laser particle counters you count on.

Particle Measuring Systems PMS is the only company to reliably provide you with the highest particle counting sensitivity for chemicals, DI water, and airborne applications

UPS DI ≥ 20 nm in UPW/DI Water
≥ 20 nm in UPW/DI Water
≥ 20 nm in Chemicals
Air and Gas ≥ 100 nm in Air and Gas
≥ 100 nm in Air and Gas
≥ 70 ppt in Molecular