Liquid Particle Counter: LiQuilaz® II S Series

Sensitivity range: 0.2 – 20 µm

LiQuilaz® II optical liquid particle counter is a volumetric monitor with a variety of sizing sensitivities as low as 0.2 µm. It provides high precision analysis for most process chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid and hot corrosive chemicals up to 306 °F (152 °C).

A unique solution in the comprehensive line of liquid particle counters, the LiQuilaz II particle counter by Particle Measuring Systems provides the same levels of accuracy, reliability and repeatability that customers have received from our instruments for many years. LiQuilaz II liquid particle counter features both RS-485 and Ethernet network communications.

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Volumetric particle counting offers the highest precision possible by measuring 100% sample volumes (up to 80 ml/min) so that short sampling intervals can be utilized without sacrificing statistical significance.

Find the right particle counter for your application by using Particle Measuring Systems’ (PMS) particle counter finder tool.

Liquid Particle Counter: LiQuilaz II S Series
LiQuilaz® II Liquid Particle Counter S Series
Liquid Particle Counter: LiQuilaz® II S Series (3)
LiQuilaz II E Series (bottom view)
LiQuilaz II E Series (ports view)

Product Details

  • 0.2 – 20.0 μm particle counter size range
  • Up to 80 ml/min flow rate
  • Compatible with a wide range of process chemicals
  • Small footprint for easy placement anywhere in the process
  • User-selected particle size threshold

S02: 0.2 – 2.0 µm, S03: 0.3 – 3.0 µm, S05: 0.5 – 20.0 µm

  • In-line and batch sampling capabilities
  • Effervescent chemical measurements using compression sampling
  • Chemical quality assurance
  • Process bath monitoring
  • DI water monitoring
  • Chemical delivery systems
  • Photoresist monitoring



Educational Material


Facility Net

Facility Net

Facility Net Software provides a solution for comprehensive environmental monitoring, including a real-time and historical data display. Compatible with Particle Measuring Systems particle counters and molecular contamination monitors, as well as various third-party products.

Liquid Installation Kit

Liquid Installation Kit

For use with online  applications, the Liquid Installation Kit includes: a Flaretek® flaring tool, five caps, 25 ft of 1/4 in Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes (PFA) tubing and male connectors.

Particle Sensor Safety Cabinet

Particle Sensor Safety Cabinet

Houses the chemical particle sensor, detects chemical leaks with an external alarm, and provides secondary containment when a leak occurs. In the event of a chemical leak within the chemical particle counter or sample connections, the system will automatically detect the leak, shut off inlet and outlet sample valves, turn off power to the particle sensor, and provide an external alarm contact.

Capillary Cleaning Kit

Capillary Cleaning Kit

The Capillary Cleaning Kit flushes capillaries with a Flaretek® adapter and contains: two 10cc syringes and two Flaretek® tube fittings.

Communication Accessories

The LiQuilaz Particle Counter communicates via RS-485 protocol, so communication accessories are required.Depending on the configuration, you may need two cables and a BB485 converter. If the LiQuilaz instruments are daisy-chained (i.e. connected in series), a standard nine-pin serial cable can connect the two instruments.If the computer does not have a nine-pin serial port, a USB-to-serial converter is also required.

Corrosive Liquid Sampler Installation Kit

Corrosive Liquid Sampler Installation Kit

The Corrosive Liquid Sampler Installation Kit includes: one Flaretek® flaring tool, three  caps, 25ft of 1/4in Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes (PFA) tubing and 10ft of 1/4in poly flow tubing.

Downstream Flow Controller

Downstream Flow Controller

Complete flow control through a liquid particle counter is critical to ensure accurate and actionable data. The Downstream Flow Controllers, FC-200 and FC-100, are the perfect complement to our high precision liquid particle counters.

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