DI Water Particle Counter: Ultra DI® 50

Sensitivity range: 0.05 – 0.2 µm

The Ultra DI® 50 Liquid Particle Counter is designed specifically for de-ionized (DI) water systems and will count and size contaminants as small as 0.05 μm. Larger sample volumes and ultra-low zero count capability allow you to detect smaller excursions with more relevant statistical data, with shorter sample intervals for quick data analysis so you can respond immediately to contamination with real-time measurement of particles. Save time with fast clean-up and the ability to move quickly from one sample point to another. The low zero count, large sample volume, and high counting efficiency of the Ultra DI® 50 Liquid Particle Counter provide unsurpassed performance and flexibility.

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DI Water Particle Counter: Ultra DI® 50
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Ultra DI 50 Comparison

Product Details

  • Reliable Liquid Particle Counter
  • Low zero count
  • Large sample volume
  • Faster time to statisitically significant data
  • Compatible with FacilityNet Software
  • Utilizes existing network with ethernet communication
  • Connects directly to PLC and SCADA systems with 4-20 mA
  • Compatible with ozonated water
  • Stainless steel housing and dual HEPA filtration allow use in dirty environments
  • FacilityNet Software provides more sophisticated process control
  • Set tighter process control limits with low sample-to-sample variation
  • Detect process variations more quickly with improved sensitivity



  • SPEC SHEET: Ultra DI 50
  • OPERATIONS MANUAL: Ultra DI® 50 Liquid Particle Counter


Facility Net

Facility Net

Facility Net Software provides a solution for comprehensive environmental monitoring, including a real-time and historical data display. Compatible with Particle Measuring Systems particle counters and molecular contamination monitors, as well as various third-party products.

Liquid Installation Kit

Liquid Installation Kit

For use with online  applications, the Liquid Installation Kit includes: a Flaretek® flaring tool, five caps, 25 ft of 1/4 in Perfluoroalkoxy alkanes (PFA) tubing and male connectors.

Capillary Cleaning Kit

Capillary Cleaning Kit

The Capillary Cleaning Kit flushes capillaries with a Flaretek® adapter and contains: two 10cc syringes and two Flaretek® tube fittings.

Downstream Flow Controller

Downstream Flow Controller

Complete flow control through a liquid particle counter is critical to ensure accurate and actionable data. The Downstream Flow Controllers, FC-200 and FC-100, are the perfect complement to our high precision liquid particle counters.

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