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Global measures to cut ship emissions

Ship emissions represent an ever-increasing environmental concern. Around the globe, strong measures are being taken on several fronts to dramatically cut the emissions of ships and, hence, to improve the quality of life for the planet. Make your ships and operations safer, more reliable, and sustainable with our complete range of marine solutions.

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Our improved abnormal situation management keeps employees and assets safe with improved incident prevention and reduced environmental risks. Comprehensive control and monitoring are needed to lower operational costs on more sophisticated ships with smaller crews and to optimize fleet servicing. Reducing carbon emissions calls for better management of the energy chain from providers to consumers. Our highly available solution controls and supervises the main systems of the ship by providing: alarm and power management; auxiliaries and fluid management for main engine cooling; lubrication circuits, ballast, compressed air, fuel & oil, fire-fighting pumps and freshwater management.
As marine industry costs constrain, shipbuilders and operators alike strive for optimized assets and solutions, while ensuring maximum safety on board. You can only manage what you measure – that’s why you need a solution to monitor power consumption on your ships, and to analyze and optimize their electrical distribution. Our electrical distribution solutions perfectly integrate with existing onboard electrical networks, and work with connected devices to integrate onboard control, alarming, monitoring and energy management systems.
Ship management
Comprehensive control and monitoring is needed to lower operational costs on more sophisticated ships with smaller crews and to optimize fleet servicing. Reducing carbon emissions calls for better management of the energy chain from providers to consumers.
Engine room cooling efficiency
Engine room cooling fans and seawater pumps are usually oversized and operate constantly at peak flow, resulting in energy losses. Limiting peak flow operation to very short periods allows you to reduce emissions, comply with modern regulations (SEEMP, ISO50001) and realize IMO’s vision of “safe, secure and efficient shipping on cleaner oceans.”
Energy management
EcoStruxure Power is a scalable offer enabling full monitoring of ship electrical consumption, based on 3 pillars: 1) Measure Rely on a complete range of power meters, MV protection relays, and connected circuit breakers to measure electrical parameters at every stage of the electrical installation. 2) Collect Using the new Enerlin’X communication system, log data from metering devices and make them available either locally or remotely. 3) Display and analyze Display measurements and dashboards locally, in real time. EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert provides advanced software and tools to analyze and optimize energy consumption.
Sustainable power distribution
We provide an innovative, prefabricated electrical distribution solution for transporting and distributing energy. The solution consists of busbars in a protective enclosure, including straight lengths, fittings, devices, and accessories. Flexible and compact, this space-saving system installs quickly in place without interrupting power. You save on materials, installation, and maintenance costs, while also keeping energy consumption costs low.

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1. How can the shipping industry be improved? There are multiple possible avenues of innovations and advancements in the shipping industry. For gaining efficiency in operations and achieving sustainability, shipping industries can incorporate automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and much more. Shipping companies can adopt different shipping management systems, power solutions for uninterruptable operations, marine management software, and robust shipping industry solutions. By adopting such solutions, the shipping industry can be dramatically improved while maintaining marine electrical safety. 2. How can shipping be sustainable? Clean fuel is an asset of the shipping industry that can break or make its balance sheet. Ditching carbon fuel will prove to be disruptive. However, shipping industries can be made sustainable by adopting marine technology solutions for improving energy storage and efficiency, operational measures for achieving efficiency in operations, and renewable energy sources for lowering carbon emissions. Furthermore, the port terminal operators and port authorities can integrate the shore power capabilities efficiently while minimizing project costs and risks. You can do it seamlessly with Schneider Electric’s ShoreBoX™, which is a predesigned power solution. ShoreBoX™ is a simple control system with variable settings that ensures complete control traceability and system’s performance while maximizing uptime. It is one of the most robust and reliable marine electrical solutions available. 3. What is the importance of our marine solutions? The shipping industry can adjust to this new era by adopting comprehensive and technologically advanced marine and shipping solutions. Schneider Electric offers an extensive suite of shipping industry solutions to address common challenges such as operational efficiency, sustainability, safety, and reliability. EcoStruxure for Marine and Shore Power is a one-stop solution that monitors power consumption on ships and accelerates energy and power savings. It is an architecture that offers IoT solutions across three critical layers: Connected Products, Edge Control, and Apps, Analytics, and Services. Additionally, Schneider Electric offers ship management systems, scrubber control solutions, secure power with UPS units, and ShoreBoX™ solution.