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Smarter machines for better business with EcoStruxure

Keep your peace of mind, while we make it easier for you to offer your customers smarter machines that are more efficient and sustainable, even more open and connected, safe, secure, and reliable. EcoStruxure Machine provides machine builders with powerful machine control solutions and opens up new business potential. The payoff is high at every stage of the machine lifecycle. From reducing machine time-to-market by up to 30%, to up to 40% faster machine integration, to cutting time for corrective actions by up to 50%.

EcoStruxure Machine and digital solutions

EcoStruxure Machine, Schneider Electric’s open, IoT-enabled architecture and platform helps machine builders to profitably deliver smart machines while creating valuable new business opportunities.

Boosting business agility with smarter machines

Machines have to be more efficient, sustainable, and connected, and provide greater safety and reliability whilst businesses must reduce operating costs and time to market. Learn how EcoStruxure Machine can help address those challenges by providing IIoT connectivity, mobility, cloud computing, and big data analytics.

Discover our EcoStruxure solutions for Machine Control

Packaging machines

The e-commerce boom and the consumers’ concerns about sustainability have disrupted the packaging industry. In this context, packaging machine companies need to be more innovative than ever while ensuring shorter time-to-market, smaller lot sizes, and reducing overall costs. Digitization, advanced automation, and robotics can help solve this equation and speed up the transition to more sustainable packaging machines.

Logistics conveying and sortation systems

See how our IoT-enabled platform can support OEMs, systems integrators, and distribution centers and warehouses, in their transition to a smart conveying system. Use our tools and engineering to ensure a sustainable future.

Smart HVAC control systems

See how IoT-advanced automation solutions can strongly help the HVAC industry and machine builders to solve the equation: balancing costs and enhanced comfort while producing the lowest emission output possible.

Hoisting control solutions

Whatever your focus – industrial or building, harbor or self-erecting cranes, Schneider Electric provides a complete crane control solution for standard and special overhead cranes, self-erecting cranes, tower cranes and STS and RTG harbor cranes.

Pumping control solutions

EcoStruxure Machine helps you design fully optimized pumping solutions that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and provide maximum performance throughout the service life of the machine.

Material working solutions

In Schneider Electric, we offer complete automation solutions, which help to quickly design cost-effective and energy-efficient material working machines, whilst maximizing their performance throughout the lifecycle of the machine.

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1. What is a smart machine control system? Machine control systems use today’s robust technologies to help build smarter machines of the future. The machine control systems have proved to be a phenomenal technological advancement for several industries, such as construction, food and beverage, and others. Machine control means the machines used in industries are precisely controlled and connected for working efficiently in their environment. For instance, if we talk about leveling in the construction industry – a machine control system would enable grading tractors to compare the blade’s position to the digital grading roadmap and cut it to the accurate elevation and position on the site. 2. How does machine control work? Machine control systems and solutions empower you to design and build smarter equipment and machines faster. With Schneider Electric’s machine automation and control solution – EcoStruxure Plant & Machine, you can leverage the benefits of building smarter machines that are more connected, more efficient, safer, and more flexible.    EcoStruxure Plant & Machine offers IoT solutions for: Connected Products, by offering unparalleled integration flexibility and opportunities; Edge Control, to allow machine builders to benefit from cloud and web interface; Apps, Analytics, and Services, for the integration of IT layer to the machines allowing data collection, aggregation, and analysis. This helps in increasing the uptime and enhances the ability to find information faster, resulting in efficient management and operations. 3. Why are machine control systems important? With the increasing need to make machines smarter and connected, machine control systems have gained significant importance. Machine control systems are important for addressing the connectivity, safety, efficiency, and digital challenges. Schneider Electric offers best-in-class machine control solutions with EcoStruxure Plant & Machine. It helps you achieve business excellence with smart machine control. Our machine control solutions include packaging automation, material handling, food and beverage machinery, HVAC control, pumping control, and much more. In addition, our dedicated services allow you to maximize your business infrastructure and prepare you to face demands of equipment availability, productivity, safety, and performance optimization.