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Life Sciences facilities of the future

Effective management of Life Sciences facilities is mission-critical to produce medicinal products of consistent quality profitably. Find out how smart Life Science solutions can help with that.

Ensuring continuity in biopharmaceutical manufacturing

UCB Farchim, a biopharmaceutical manufacturer from Switzerland, increases the reliability of power supply and manufacturing processes with innovative EcoStruxure Power solutions.

Making the data work

Boston Scientific is dedicated to making its facilities a sustainable environment. With EcoStruxure Building Advisor, the company maximized its buildings’ performance and lowered energy costs.

Discover our EcoStruxure solutions for Life Sciences

Create an optimal and compliant production environment

Provide optimum conditions to produce products of consistent quality compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations while reducing cost and meeting sustainability goals. Our solutions can help you:
  • Maximize uptime and availability of your facility while optimizing energy usage and equipment coefficient of performance (COP).
  • Visualize all siloed data with advanced data analytics and dashboards.
  • Adhere to ALCOA+ data integrity principles, digitize validation processes and records, mitigate risks and minimize business impact from cyber theft.

Boost manufacturing efficiency

Transform your production by leveraging rapidly evolving technologies that provide real-time actionable insight to ensure product quality, reduce time to market, be more agile and take operational efficiency to the next level. Our solutions can help you:
  • Speed up the review process and get a quality product to market faster.
  • Maximize product quality and yield, and optimize processes and equipment performance.
  • Implement built-in quality assurance.
  • Empower workforce with digital tools and technologies to automate work processes and foster collaboration.
  • Adapt to changing production requirements to ensure interoperability and easy reconfiguration of individual modules.

Achieve better control and compliance

Our solutions can help you:
  • Manage and exchange product information in a multi-channel environment.
  • Track and trace your products in the distribution chain.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements with reliable and flexible serialization solutions.
  • Implement simulation software to your supply chain to improve throughput, operational and strategic decision-making, optimize asset utilization and reduce logistics and storage costs.

Switch to active energy management

Design a carbon-neutral strategy for your facility and operations. Integrate all sustainability metrics, energy supply data, and real-time facility information into one advanced business analytics platform. Our solutions can help you:
  • Build sustainability KPI dashboard for easy visualization and automatic reporting of all projects, achievements, and savings with company stakeholders.
  • Strategically source your energy to increase renewable content.
  • Reduce energy consumption with efficient utilities and optimally distributed and renewable energy resources.
  • Control contaminated water, waste, and effluents and evaluate supplier’s sustainability practices for carbon release and associated risks management.

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1. What are life science technologies? Life science technologies involve the use of advanced analytics, digitization, software, automation, and cloud to improve productivity, quality of decision-making, outcomes, and provide personalized medicines. As digital disruption reaches the healthcare sector, companies tend to adopt or retool life science solutions to remain competitive. Such robust technologies aid in overcoming many life sciences challenges by enhancing productivity and reducing waste, building patient trust and centricity, and decreasing costs and risks. 2. Why EcoStruxure™ For Life Sciences is a smart move? Schneider Electric is a leading provider of innovative and technically advanced life sciences solutions. One of them is EcoStruxure for Life Sciences, an IoT-enabled, interoperable open architecture, and platform. It offers IoT solutions across Connected Products, Edge Control, Apps, Analytics, and Services. With EcoStruxure you can leverage the benefits of smart facilities such as reliable building management systems, smart manufacturing with innovative control solutions, smart supply chain, and smart sustainability with exceptional services. Our life sciences solutions help businesses keep up with quality and compliance, manufacture excellence, supply chain visibility, improve operational and strategic decision-making, and maintain the security of customer and patient information. 3. What is the importance of life science software solutions? Life science software solutions have become an integral part of the life sciences industry. It is nearly impossible for life science companies to meet growing productivity needs and overcome other challenges without adopting robust life science technologies. The importance of life sciences software is increasing with every passing day, as it serves a multitude of purposes like ensuring an automated platform, simplifying the system to a modular and flexible architecture, harnessing the value from power and data of artificial intelligence, and driving agility as a key way of working with joint teams, including tech and business members.