Transform your operations with EcoStrucxure Plant

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EcoStruxure Automation Expert delivers on engineering and operational efficiency

Our smart distribution center in Shanghai, EcoStruxure Automation Expert, delivers engineering and operational efficiency. The new EcoStruxure Automation Expert-based warehouse control system is IoT-ready and more sustainable across the lifecycle.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery uses brewmaxx by ProLeiT

The Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is able to design its beer production more effectively and efficiently while being well-prepared for future expansions. Seth Limanek, Brewery Manager at Dogfish Head, is convinced that the business has taken another major step towards controlled and coordinated beer production thanks to brewmaxx automation.

Reliable SCADA solutions for Water and Wastewater

Responsible for distributing approximately 45 million liters of potable water every day, Shoalhaven Water was looking to upgrade their existing SCADA system to optimize its water network system. We helped modernize their operations with EcoStruxure Geo SCADA Expert and Trio radios – equipping operators with better visibility, shorter downtimes and water security for Shoalhaven Water customers.

Digitally transform your operations with EcoStruxure Plant

Boost plant efficiency and profitability

Reduce cost – increase productivity – maximize profits
Empowering your people and understanding the profitability of your production assets and your entire business means you need to easily, securely, and seamlessly access aggregated, meaningful information and turn it into useful business intelligence.

Reliability and performance optimization

Maximize return – reduce cost – minimize risk
The largest portion of capital invested in an industrial facility is invested in its production assets. It stands to reason that these production assets must operate reliably, profitably, and for the required lifetime of the plant if businesses are to optimize the key financial measure of return on capital employed (ROCE).

Sustainability and business opportunities

Energy neutral – social commitment – diversify business
The need for sustainability has driven several innovations that improve the efficiency and cost of raw materials, energy, and resource use in industrial operations. Industrial digitization could offer customers ways to make their use of energy and raw materials more sustainable.

Safety and security businesses

Protect people – secure assets – simplify compliance
Industrial businesses must prioritize safety and cybersecurity to protect their employees, production assets, data, intellectual property, and customers. In a digitally transformed enterprise, the same networks are often used for both control interlocks and data, so safety and cybersecurity are closely linked.

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1. What are the benefits of our Industrial Automation Solutions? Our Industrial Automation Solutions help to optimize efficiency, cybersecurity, and sustainability while measuring operational profitability improvements safely. With innovation at every stage of process control and process automation, we guide you to boost your plant efficiency, increase reliability and performance, and make your business safer, more secure, and more sustainable. 2. What’s at the core of our digital transformation Our EcoStruxure Automation Experts focus on boosting plant efficiency and productivity, increasing reliability and performance, and maintaining sustainability, social commitment, safety, and security. We want our partners to operate reliably, profitably, and for the required lifetime of the plant. To offer more opportunities for their customers, to use energy and raw materials more efficiently, and to protect their employees, production assets, data, and intellectual property with our cybersecurity solutions.