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The largest vaccine distribution effort in human history has just begun

Scientists delivered vaccines. Now, the vaccine supply chain — from production lines, to freezers, to healthcare facilities — must hold up its end of the bargain. Find out how we can help governments and organizations fortify vaccine supply chain infrastructure.

Isolated power solutions for operating rooms

Engineered for patient safety, power availability, and efficiency of medical personnel, the Isolated Power Solution for Operating Rooms provides essential, timely, and secure information about electrical system status and diagnostics to key staff, either on-site or remotely.

Explore our IoT solutions for Healthcare

Go green with a sustainable facility

Every day, our predictive energy management platform automates resources — when rooms are unoccupied, the conditions are automatically adjusted to conserve energy. Hospitals like Huashan Hospital North, Fudan University utilize Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure architecture to transform their facilities into hospitals of the future, enabling an 18% reduction in energy consumption and 20% increase in management efficiency. Explore our e-guide to support your hospital’s decarbonization roadmap.

Delivering resilient power solutions

Patient safety and campus security are essential requirements for the healthcare sector. That’s why we provide reliable, IoT-enabled infrastructure and smart systems to maximize uptime and create steady access to integrated patient data and clinical monitoring systems – so patients are cared for safely. Healthcare facilities like the Lille University Hospital use EcoStruxure for Healthcare solutions when updating their electrical infrastructure to increase the security and reliability of their systems. Explore our e-guide for strategies to achieve end-to-end resilience.

Smart technology delivers operational efficiency

We help facilities teams and advisors maintain extraordinary operations, so their clinical teams can continuously deliver extraordinary care, every day. Our solutions enable real-time, data-driven decisions by optimizing asset availability and performance through predictive analytics and proactive maintenance. Healthcare facilities like the University of Rochester Medical Center utilize Schneider Electric EcoStruxure for Healthcare solutions with smart building technology for power and building management systems to ensure operational efficiency. Because in healthcare, operational excellence is the only option.

Ensuring patient comfort

The well-being of hospital patients and healthcare professionals is driven by safety and satisfaction. As patient-centric care evolves, hospital buildings and technology must adapt to allow increased patient control to improve the experience and the quality of care in a healing environment. We help hospitals like Nemours Children’s Hospital ensure their buildings are safe and healthy by protecting from electrical shocks, fires, and nosocomial diseases. We help enhance patient well-being by creating a healing environment with suitable lighting, views, temperature, clean air, and noise monitoring. Because in healthcare, healing begins with safety and comfort.

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How you can benefit from our healthcare IoT solutions
Schneider Electric develops best-in-class healthcare IoT solutions that help our customers insightfully anticipate and manage the everyday matters and extraordinary events of healthcare. As a leader in engineering and industrial software, Schneider Electric helps build sustainable healthcare solutions for healthcare facilities of all sizes that improve operational efficiency, patient safety, and satisfaction. Discover EcoStruxure™ for Healthcare, our IoT solution architecture for healthcare, designed for digital hospitals to deliver improved safety, patients’ satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Reduce energy consumption at your healthcare facility and bring balance back to your budget without compromising patient care with our healthcare solutions. Minimize the number and duration of power outages at your hospital with our IoT solutions for healthcare. Integrate your clinical and facility infrastructures to achieve energy savings with innovative healthcare IoT solutions from Schneider Electric.