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Cracking digital with Danone specialized nutrition

In the last 10 years, we have seen a shift in traditional end-consumer buying drivers from the traditional trio (taste, price, and convenience) to a more reach set of values including health, safety, sustainability, and transparency. This trend has been reinforced by social networks and mobile apps and supported by new regulations. This is why food and beverage operations need complete traceable and transparent information across the supply chain. Learn why and how to build a successful and integrated end-to-end traceability approach.

EcoStruxure drives the Industries of the Future for Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage manufacturers are embracing the Industries of the Future with our EcoStruxure architecture and platform.

Digitization: an opportunity for F&B manufacturers

Better align with consumers and market expectations in your transition towards a self-intuitive and sustainable supply chain. Schneider Electric – in partnership with AVEVATM and ProLeiT – provides digital solutions that integrate product and processes lifecycle management from design to operation and maintenance, to obtain tangible results in operational efficiency, reliability and sustainability performance.

Discover our EcoStruxure solutions for Food and Beverage

Boost manufacturing flexibility and efficiency

Transforming operations to improve flexibility and profitability Deliver the right product at the right time managing precisely all material transactions and quality tests linked to product recipe, and adapting packaging lines on the fly to customer requirement. Increase real-time visibility to drive performance and optimize resource usage.

Safer, more available and greener resources

Because manufacturing environment can have a strong impact on product quality, sustainability and operating cost, the need for managing Food and Beverage facilities effectively is critical. We help our customers to reduce risks and increase up-time of main utilities, get visibility on the whole site to improve operations efficiency, reduce environmental impact and manage increasing quantities of edge control data needed for IoT. We do it in a modular way to easily adapt to future production and regulations requirements.

Build a resilient supply chain

Food and beverage supply chains are complex, both upstream and downstream and somehow well integrated. The latest disruption forced companies to reorganize their supply chains, more regionally, with fast adaption, flexibility, and visibility across these complex systems. Digital technologies are the most robust solution to manage complexity and improve the visibility of the food system.

nsure compliance and trust across the product lifecycle

End consumers ask for more information and more transparency. Is it all about trust? An end-to-end traceability approach supported by digital solutions are crucial to safeguard food safety enabling manufacturers to meet market demands while complying with stringent and evolving regulations and standards.

Protect environment and maximize your energy efficiency

Reduce your environmental footprint and meet your sustainability goals through a holistic approach to energy and sustainability called Active Energy Management.

Take teams efficiency to the next level

How to attract, retain and train the workforce to remain competitive? Attract, retain and provide workers with mobility, guidance and collaboration tools for improved decision support in a complex F&B environment.

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How you can benefit from our smart food solutions for food and beverage industry?
Schneider Electric develops best-in-class smart food solutions for food and beverage industry setting a benchmark for safety and reliability. As a leader in engineering and industrial software, Schneider Electric helps transform manufacturing operations to improve profitability and yield while increasing flexibility through smart food manufacturing solutions. Discover EcoStruxure for Food and Beverage, our innovative smart food solutions that enable a digital transformation at every step of your value chain for improved sustainability, efficiency, traceability. Global food and beverage industry companies rely on digital food and beverage solutions from Schneider Electric to eliminate energy waste and increase plant efficiency and sustainability. Our smart food solutions for the food and beverage industry are based on expertise, proven methodology, reuse, and a deep understanding of your markets and their challenges. Our experts and partners help you specify your installations and advise you on how to achieve complete digitalization and automation in food and beverage industry.