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EcoStruxure Data Center Solutions and Networks

Schneider Electric offers solutions and services to build new data centers or upgrade retrofit, and right-size on-premise, hybrid architectures of centralized, regional, and local edge.

Meet the New Galaxy VL 3-Phase UPS

Innovation, first-class power protection, and sustainability in your data center. Discover how the innovative Galaxy VL UPS makes your data center or colocation facility more sustainable.

Data centers are the heart of the digital transformation

Leverage the power of connected infrastructure to achieve a more sustainable, efficient, adaptive, and resilient data center for succeeding in the market.

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Discover the industry’s comprehensive and deeply researched library and most referenced thought leadership papers from our Energy Management Science Center.
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Discover our EcoStruxure solutions for Data Centers and Networks

Meet the 6U Wall Mount Micro Data Center

Edge computing puts applications and data closer to devices and users. The introduction of digitization to improve efficiency and business performance fuels demand for applications that need peak performance, particularly IoT applications. IoT applications often require lots of bandwidth, low latency, and reliable performance while meeting regulatory and compliance mandates.

Configure your IT infrastructure Fast

Schneider Electric offers solutions and services to create new data centers or upgrade retrofit, and right-size on-premise, hybrid architectures.

Local Edge
Local edge creates a web of networks of localized sites that process data as close to the person or thing as possible by reducing or eliminating latency, bandwidth, and data handling issues.
Regional Edge
Bringing prompt content delivery, cloud services, and applications closer to the users or “things” that need them. It includes large computers and storage located in central or urban areas.

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1. What is data center networking?
The process of interconnecting all physical and network-based devices within a data center facility is known as data center networking. It swiftly connects data center servers and users by network resources such as routing, switching, load balancing, analytics, etc., to accelerate the processing of applications and data. Schneider Electric provides its customers with a variety of data center solutions ensuring that every task progresses in a hassle-free manner.
2. What is data center infrastructure?
All hardware-based resources present in the physical environment of a data center are called data center infrastructure. It includes all IT infrastructure devices, technologies, and equipment such as computers, servers, switches, routers, biometric security systems, etc. Data center infrastructure also includes non-computing resources: generators, cables, server racks, and the internet backbone. Schneider Electric ensures quality data center infrastructure solutions that keep your power resources in the best condition.
3. How can you make a data center more efficient?
There are many ways of ensuring optimal data center functionality. It is essential to have a proper measure of the energy that is required for a data center to function. Keeping track of energy requirements helps you understand the services you might need for data center optimization. Schneider Electric offers multiple data center networking solutions. Our experts optimize such tools not only to improve their functionality but also to reduce energy usage and costs. We also help you transform the already established systems to enhance their overall quality, leading to better delivery and results.