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Your colocation data center partner

As a global leader in sustainable data center technology, our solutions are adaptive, resilient, and efficient. With operations in over 100 countries, we’re your partner for complete lifecycle solutions, from design and build to operate and maintain, with touchpoints across IT, buildings, power, and sustainability. 

  • The world’s leading 10 Cloud and Service providers trust Schneider Electric. In 2022, we helped bring 5 GW of new construction online across 6 continents. 
  • We advise 40% of Fortune 500 companies on sustainability and consistently earn top corporate sustainability rankings.

Study shows where colocation firms stand on road to net zero

While it’s clear that sustainability has emerged as a top priority for the colocation industry, some organizations have made more significant strides toward improving sustainability than others. In fact, a recent Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Schneider Electric showed that of 1,033 colocation providers surveyed, 72% are just beginning their sustainability journey. Download the full study to learn commonly cited challenges, keys to success, and more.
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Sustainability investments yield results

A Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Schneider Electric surveyed 1,033 colocation providers across the globe to assess sustainability trends. The findings show sustainability is good business, with 82% of those committed to early sustainability initiatives citing increased revenues and customer acquisition. Learn what additional benefits are seen by highly sustainable firms in the blog post.
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EcoStruxure solutions for Cloud and Service Providers

For colocation providers, sustainability is a business imperative. We can help you advance your sustainability journey through five actions:
  • Set a bold, actionable strategy
  • Implement efficient data center designs
  • Drive efficiency in operations
  • Transition to renewable energy
  • Decarbonize your supply chain
To learn more about creating a sustainability plan for your data center, download our e-book, The Sustainability Challenge. For more information on sustainability metrics and reporting, download our white paper, Guide to Environmental Sustainability Metrics for Data Centers.

Optimize white space and the performance of the equipment in it with efficient, reliable solutions and software. Our broad portfolio of integrated systems maximizes your space and time, helping you and your clients put white space to the best possible use.

Our Critical Facility Management integrates two components of the EcoStruxure architecture – EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert and EcoStruxure Building Operation.
This integration enables intelligent, comprehensive insight into data center infrastructure for electrical and mechanical systems.

Data centers face the risk of more unplanned downtime, highly inefficient electrical operations, and frequent equipment failures. These can all lead to higher OpEx spending and, in some cases, major financial losses. 
Discover our innovative low- and medium-voltage electrical distribution products designed to ensure the reliability of your data centers’ critical applications.
Find out more about electrical infrastructure solutions designed with reliability and safety in mind. For further reading, download our white paper, Mitigating Electrical Risk While Swapping Energized Equipment. 

As scale and performance demands for data centers increase, so does the need for efficient, sustainable cooling. Our comprehensive selection provides multiple systems ready for new builds, retrofits and upgrades — along with fully customizable solutions for your unique needs. 
Our cooling systems can be deployed for any data center environment. To learn how to decrease cooling power use, download our white paper, How Higher chilled Water Temperature can Improve Data Center Cooling System Efficiency. 

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1. What do cloud service providers do?
Cloud service providers offer cloud-based platforms, applications, infrastructure, and storage services adjusted to individuals and businesses. Cloud services are inclusive of software, referred to as SaaS (Software as a Service), a computing platform for hosting or developing applications, referred to as PaaS (Platform as a Service), or an entire computing or networking infrastructure, referred to as IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Cloud service providers host these services in a data center that can be accessed by individuals or companies with network connectivity. The benefits of cloud and service providers come in economies of scale and efficiency. Instead of companies and individuals building their infrastructure for supporting internal software, applications and services, they can buy such services from the cloud service providers, who assist multiple customers through one shared infrastructure. Robust cloud service provider solutions help increase efficiency, reduce cycle time, lower costs, and manage risk throughout your business.
2. How to improve your cloud computing services?
Technological advancements open up multiple avenues for cloud service providers to improve their services and solutions. However, with a wide range of cloud service provider solutions available, it might get overwhelming for you to choose the best-in-class solution. To help you select the best one, Schneider Electric offers EcoStruxure for Cloud and Service Providers, a one-stop solution for cloud and colocation service providers. It is an IoT-enabled platform that includes Cloud Service Provider Software, Connected Products, Edge Control, Applications, and Services. With EcoStruxure, you can increase your data center’s deployment speed and capacity, expand your operations easily, and reduce costs. It also helps to build new data centers and upgrade, retrofit, or modernize your existing data centers, resulting in enhanced performance and lower cost. Schneider Electric’s colocation solutions can be applied in microgrid solutions, mechanical systems, electrical distribution systems, IT rooms, and similar areas.