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Stay CONNECTED While Working From Home

Today we rely on digital to keep us connected to work, school, family, friends, and entertainment. Stay CONNECTED with APC Back-UPS.

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APC offers longer lasting, higher quality backup power solutions

Choose the best quality Battery Backup for your home so you stay productive.

APC by Schneider Electric offers battery backup products that keep you and your family connected. Help protect your internet connection to ensure 24/7 network access to your emails, video conferences, important files stored in the cloud, news and weather updates, especially during storms and power outages.

Why APC?

APC offers you the same quality and protection that we deliver to Fortune 500 companies, organizations, universities, home consumers and the +20 million installed base customers.

We offer uninterruptible power supplies (battery backups) that enable you to have access to your PC and home network during power outages.

The Seven Types of Power Problems

Home electronics failures and data corruptions are more common than you expect. Many of them derive from power supply problems. Learn more about types of power disturbances, their impact and the best ways to protect your equipment.

APC - The Seven Types of Power Problem

APC is Power – Don’t Trust Anyone Else

See how APC can help you maximize your work performance every day with superior power protection for the devices you rely on. APC Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) keep your critical equipment up and running, even when the power goes out.

APC - APC is power

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