Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and has been proven as a sterilizing agent in enclosed filling isolators for many years. As the increase of applications using isolators increases, so does the need for robust sensors capable of withstanding these environments. IsoAir® Pro-E and Pro-Plus Remote Particle Sensors contain an internal flow path that is designed to be resistant to the harmful effects of VHP.

Typically, particle counters subjected to VHP vapors cause a bleaching of the internal optical surfaces, resulting in an excess of scattered light from the laser source. To address this issue, the sensor’s optical surface coatings was tested in both static conditions and full VHP cycling tests where the instrument is in operation. Results were analyzed at each phase and the results compared with the specifications given in ISO 21501-4:2018. All results were found to be within tolerance. The IsoAir Pro instruments are suitable for use in a VHP isolator environment.

Download the paper to learn more about VHP testing performed by PMS on the IsoAir Pro instrument series.

IsoAir Pro Plus Remote Particle Counter