Pharma Data Management for Root Cause Identification in Critical Environments (Case Study)

With the increasing use of sophisticated Pharma Data Management software, the collection and evaluation of data has never been easier. However, managing such a large amount of information can present a challenge, potentially becoming an obstacle to effectively and quickly identify the root cause of the environmental OOS associated deviation. In this on-demand webinar you will learn the best practices to effectively approach a complete investigation with the support of an Environmental Monitoring Data Management software, combining the traditional investigation methods with the enhanced capabilities of analysis provided by the software-based solution.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Case study overview
  • How to perform the full-scale OOS investigation
  • How to collect and manage data with PharmaIntegrity
  • Investigation module
  • Remediation (CAPA) plan

Ready to tackle your root cause analysis? Particle Measuring Systems can help:

  1. Our Cleanroom Controls Advisory Services can provide you with guidance and insights
  2. PharmaIntegrity data management software connects with your data collectors and provides 21CFR11 insights.
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Sr. Daniele Pandolfi

Sr. Daniele Pandolfi

Gerente Global de Linha de Produtos, Software/Sistemas/Serviços, Particle Measuring Systems, Inc.

Daniele Pandolfi é o Gerente Global de Linha de Produtos de Software/Sistemas/Serviços da Particle Monitoring Systems, Inc. Com mais de 11 anos de experiência em contador de partículas e controle de contaminação em salas limpas, ele se concentra em construir e manter relacionamentos fortes com os clientes. Ele ajudou muitos usuários de salas limpas a resolver seus problemas de cGMP.