AirSentry® II Molecular Contamination Analyzers Calibration and Troubleshooting

Airborne molecular contamination (AMC) is a common cause of defect loss and product degradation in many cleanroom manufacturing environments. Costs associated with AMC-related quality issues and yield losses are well understood, and adequate reduction of AMC is critical for clean manufacturers to stay competitive. For this reason, AMC measurement techniques must enable technical personnel to detect out of control AMC events in real-time with certainty that the detection technique itself is working appropriately and not excessively contributing to the variation.

The AirSentry® II AMC Analyzer from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) uses Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) allowing real-time, sub-ppb AMC concentration measurements in as little as every 5 seconds, with best-in-class response times, precision, and sensitivity. The AirSentry II also equips users with diagnostic tools via included Service Software to quickly and simply evaluate the analyzer’s real-time performance and verify correct functioning to rule out any false readings or excessive contribution to the measurement variation. Through the software, correct functioning can be verified with direct visual inspection of the AMC-detecting Ion Mobility Spectrum curve, as well as a quantitative inspection of key operating parameters. Correct installation and in-spec calibration results can be verified at any time using these diagnostic tools.

IMS Spectrum during Zero Caliibration