Process Tools

Fluke 773

Without breaking the loop, the Fluke 773 measures 4-20 mA current signals, which are the prevailing process control signals used across various mine site assets, including transmitters, valves, programable logic controllers, motors, and more.

The Fluke 773 is ideal for areas where signals can be monitored and can be fundamental to avoid unexpected costs associated unscheduled machine, as well as unnecessary safety risks.

  • Measure 4 to 20 mA signals without breaking the loop
  • Sources and simulates 4 to 20 mA signals and provides loop power
  • Sources and measures DC voltage to verify power supplies or I/O signals
  • Best in class accuracy of 0.2%
  • Delivers 0.01 mA resolution and sensitivity
Fluke TV40

Process Tools

Fluke 729 PRO

Ensuring that the pressure control in Process Plants is stringently enforced and maintained is crucial for all machines to operate in peak condition. It plays an essential role in regulating pressure levels to keep them within the required limits.

The Fluke 729 Pro Automatic Pressure Calibrator not only simplifies the pressure calibration of transmitters, pressure switches and gauges, but also offers basic HART communication functions when used in conjunction with HART-capable transmitters.

  • Automatic pressure generation and regulation to 1000psi
  • Replaceable pressure control modules
  • Extendable measurement range with 750P Series pressure modules
  • Sources and simulates milliamp signals while measuring pressure for testing current to pressure converters (I/P converters)
  • Bright dual-three-channel /colour graphic display
Fluke 700G

Power Quality Tools

Fluke 700G

Proper measurement and monitoring of pressure systems is one of the most crucial aspects of mine safety, as pressurized pipes and hoses operating out of standard pressure ranges can lead to devastating accidents if left unchecked. Hydraulics are one of the most common pressurized systems used across a variety of machines used in mining. This makes hydraulics one of the primary focuses of pressure testing routines to ensure these assets remain safe to operate and free from faults that could cause system breakdowns.

The Fluke 700G Pressure Gauge Calibrator enables you to easily and safely test the pressure of various process pressure instruments, with its rugged, sealed IP-67 enclosure allowing it to be safely used in most mine environments.

  • Designed for fast, accurate test results
  • Make precise pressure measurements from ±10 inH2O/20 mbar to 10,000 psi/690 bar
  • Highly accurate 0.05% measurement uncertainty for 1 year
Fluke 754

Process Tools

Fluke 754

The highly portable Fluke 754 Documenting Process Calibrator-HART enables you to create and utilize a seamless and paperless calibration process anywhere, whether you’re working in the Process Plant or below ground in underground mining operations. You can use the Fluke 754 to download procedures, lists, and instructions created with software, or use it to upload data for printing, archiving, or analysis while you calibrate, maintain, and troubleshoot HART-enabled devices and other instrumentation.

  • Complete pressure, temperature, and mA loop calibrator
  • Easily troubleshoot and calibrate HART smart digital transmitters
  • Create calibration procedures and automatically document results
  • Seamlessly connect to calibration management software
Fluke 789

Process Tools

Fluke 789

The Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™ is the ultimate troubleshooting tool for professionals, combining a full-featured loop calibrator with digital multimeter capabilities to measure every part of a control loop in any mine site workspace.

The Fluke 789 also features a built-in 24-volt loop supply which removes the need to carry a separate power supply when completing offline transmitter testing.

  • Compact, all-in-one digital multimeter and mA loop calibrator solution
  • Full-featured mA loop calibrator with built-in 24v Loop Power
  • Quickly and easily troubleshoot every part of a control loop
  • Log data wirelessly directly to your smartphone and review it from anywhere with the Fluke Connect™ mobile app (IR3000FC module required)
Fluke 9142

Process Tools

Fluke 9142

Ideal for temperature sensor calibration, test, and commissioning. With three models covering the range of –25 °C to 660 °C, this family of Metrology Wells calibrates a wide range of sensor types. The optional process version (models 914X-X-P) provides a built-in two-channel thermometer readout that measures PRTs, RTDs, thermocouples, and 4-20 mA transmitters which includes the 24 V loop supply to power the transmitter.

  • Lightweight, portable, and fast
  • Standard version provides temperature accuracy down to ±0.2 °C in a compact and rugged form.
  • Process version includes Built-in two-channel readout for PRT, RTD, thermocouple, 4-20 mA current
  • Each device (process and non-process versions) comes with an IEC-17025 NVLAP-accredited calibration certificate
  • Compatible with Fluke 754 for complete solution
Fluke 1524

Process Tools

Fluke 1524

The 1524 Reference Thermometer measures, graphs, and records PRTs, thermocouples, and thermistors. This thermometer readout delivers exceptional accuracy, wide measurement range, logging, and trending, all in a handheld tool you can take anywhere. The 1524 lets you handle field calibration applications, precision measurements, and data logging with ease. Excellent Accuracy for commissioning, testing, and calibration.

  • PRTs (RTD, PT100): up to ±0.011 °C
  • Thermocouples: ±0.24 °C for J, K, L, M
  • Precision thermistors: ±0.002 °C