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Optimizing production process

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Energy management

4 proven solutions to optimize production process

1. Achieve cost-savings and avoid production downtime just by early detection of compressed air & gas leaks

Although invisible, compressed air/gas leaks can affect product quality, production process and cause safety issues.

Leverage on Fluke’s breakthrough acoustic imaging technology to quickly & accurately pinpoint compressed air, vacuum, gas or steam leaks.

  • Ultrasonic leak detection up to 52/100kHz
  • Locate leaks up to 70/120m
  • Save up to 75% of your inspection time
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Report leaks by pictures.

Easy tagging and communication of the exact location of leaks to teams fixing them.
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2. Modern electronics noises can shorten machine lifespan, resulting in higher amortization of assets

Leverage on Fluke Power Quality Tools to tackle common pain points in motor & drive, as well as to troubleshoot, quantify energy usage and analyze power distribution systems in a fast, easy and safe way.

Use the Fluke 1777 Power Quality Analyzer to perform:

  • Power Quality Troubleshooting (dips/swells, harmonics, transient, unbalanced, inrush, etc.)
  • Load Studies
  • Energy Loss Studies

Use the Fluke 1748/1738 Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers to perform:

  • Energy logging for basic power quality studies
  • Load reschedule for energy cost Optimization
  • Load studies for production line expansion

3. Advanced calibration tools to improve calibration processes and reduce production cost

Advances in technology has made it simple for instrumentation calibration and calibration tasks especially when dealing with pressure.

Relieve pressure testing tasks with innovative portable automated pressure calibration.

  • Automatic pressure generation and control as high as 1000psi
  • Hot swappable internal pressure module to change to a different calibrator range
  • Compact in its class for field operation or laboratory use


Overcome pressure testing challenges and increase productivity.

  • Achieve consistent quality results with stable and precise pressure control
  • Standalone working assistant that operates by itself to produce results for documentation
  • Repeatable readings to avoid spending additional time re-doing the tests


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4. Eliminate contamination with Indoor Air Quality Control

Controller environment requires well-distributed airflow, air velocity, pressure, temperature, humidity and particle count.
Fluke 985

Verify particle count in cleanroom with Fluke-985.

  • HVAC issues can lead to airborne pathogens being introduced to controlled area
  • Portable airborne particle count to verify the area
  • Investigate the location source of the unwanted particulates and measure filter efficiency

Fluke 971 assesses temperature and humidity condition which are critical to prevent mold formation or shorten food or machine lifespan.

  • Conveniently verify accurate humidity and temperature readings for thermal comfort and environment guidelines
  • Ensure uniform air distribution and any deviation can point towards HVAC issues
fluke HVAC

Fluke 922 simplifies airflow measurements that ensures proper air ventilation according to ASHRAE requirements.

  • Measure pressure drops across different rooms or sections for proper contaminant flow control
  • Perform duct traversals maintenance for accurate airflow readings
  • Diagnosing ventilation issues down to 0.001 inH2O resolution level

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Energy management

4 proven solutions to identify energy wastages

1. Finding the actual mechanical failures to prevent unplanned downtime

Eliminate the wasted energy from the poorly performing assets to reduce production cost.
Get early signs of potential problem via smart vibration diagnosis using Fluke 810 Vibration Tester.

  • Diagnostic program computes the possible issues quickly in during on-site test
  • Get up to speed easily with the automated guided steps and triaxial accelerometer sensor
  • No need to analyse the vibration spectral pattern

Prevent 80% of mechanical faults in the fastest possible way.

  • Diagnose problems such as misalignment, bearing, looseness and imbalance.
  • Severity level scale that helps you make informed decision
  • Location, type of problem, and recommendation of the repair are all provided

2.  Do regular checks on HVAC systems

Get help to efficiently conduct regular checks of HVAC equipment (steam trap, air compressor, heat exchanger etc) to prevent waste from abnormal heating or leaking.
fluke HVAC 3

Manage energy used by electrical, mechanical or process assets through condition-based maintenance.

  • Thermal patterns provides safe and quick inspection method
  • Surveying assets to reduce unplanned downtime
  • Location of inefficiencies such as boiler insulation, steam trap, electrical wastes can be spotted

Enhance your reliability program while increasing productivity in maintenance.

  • High resolution 640 x 480 provides more details for analysis
  • LaserSharp autofocus speeds up the focusing task on any subject at different distances for accurate readings
  • Multiple annotation methods such as voice, text, image capture for comprehensive studies during post-review
Fluke increasing productivity in maintenance

3. Minimize waste in electrical system

Unbalance, distortion, effective power, reactive power and neutral current. A power quality analysis would show you how much these parameters contribute to the total energy lost.
fluke enerygy loss calculator

The types of energy losses are computed instantly and can be broken down into:

  • Effective: Amount of energy dissipated as heat when current flows through cable
  • Reactive: Energy loss as a result of inductive and/or capacitive loads
  • Unbalance: Loss in energy due to an unbalance distribution in source and load
  • Distortion: Amount of energy lost as a result of distorted power (harmonics)
  • Neutral: Energy loss due to currents in a neutral conductor

Motor mechanical load performance can be easily understood without stopping the production.

  • Easy to interpret motor load status using the color chart according to NEMA limits
  • Measurement is done without the need to install torque or speed sensors which saves costs
  • Innovative computation that presents the motor torque, speed, power and running efficiency.
fluke motor analyzer

4. Increase efficiency during production

Compressed air or gas leaks not only brings about wasted costs, it also affects the lifespan or assets and reduce operating efficiency.
fluke ii910

Filling, mixing, bottle cleaning and sorting operations are just some of the processes driven by compressed air.

  • Breakthrough acoustic imager Fluke ii910 that sees the location of the leaks
  • Working distance: 70m/120m
  • Document leak images or videos for easy review


Recover the leaks to reduce production costs and ensure healthy compressor systems.

  • LeakQ reporting analysis that tells you the leak rate and quantify the costs of the leaks
  • Rich color data for easy viewing when carrying out the leak inspection
  • Get the leaks fix to prevent impact on production quality
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Optimizing production process

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