Top 10 Types of Measuring Instruments and Their Applications – Part 1

Top 10 Types of Measuring Instruments and Their Uses

Introduction Measuring Instruments

In this paragraph, we discuss various types of measuring instruments that generally have their applications and are known to be commonly used by the general public, and several others are commonly seen by specific groups of people depending on the website. In addition, we can learn many aspects about these different types of measuring instruments and their functions. Read about them in this handy guide.

10 Types of Measuring Instruments

1. Roll Meter (Types of Measuring Instruments)

Roll Meter - Measuring InstrumentRoll Meter

To measure the length of an object, we use the roll meter. This tool was quite similar to a ruler that accepts rollers for longer measuring distances of up to 50 meters.

People use this tool to measure the wood or planks for furniture in the furniture industry. There is also a rolling meter measuring up to 100 meters while the shape looks slightly different.

2. Calipers (Types of Measuring Instruments)

Calipers - Measuring Instrument


A commonly used tool for measuring the length, thickness, diameter, and depth of an object is a caliper. In addition, the measurement accuracy is about 0.1 mm. A caliper’s purpose is to measure the glass with this instrument.

3. Micrometer (Types of Measuring Instruments)

Micrometer - Measuring Instrument


Nowadays, a micrometer is an instrument that measures the diameter and thickness of an object. Usually, these are higher precision tools than calipers with an accuracy of about 0.01 mm. Therefore, the micrometer is a type that has applications for measuring the diameter and the thickness of smaller objects such as coins.

4. Elbow Ruler (Types of Measuring Instruments)

Elbow Ruler - Measuring Instrument

Elbow Ruler 

To measure the length but also to ensure the right angle is equal to 90 degrees, we have an elbow ruler. We can only check the 90-degree angle, while there is a different form of the elbow ruler that has been equipped with an angle adjustment function so that it can be rotated to check the angle of the object.

In conclusion, according to the requirements, carpenter commonly uses them in the furniture industry.

5. Angle Ruler (Types of Measuring Instruments)

Angle Ruler - Measuring Instrument

Angle Ruler

To measure the angle of an object or use it to draw angles, the students most commonly use Angle Ruler. In addition, Students are often used to solve math problems.

6. Scale (Types of Measuring Instruments)

Scale - Measuring Instrument


A Scientist uses a scale to measure the weight or mass of any type of object. There are different types of scales, such as sitting scales, body scales, three-arm scales, digital scales, hanging scales, and many more. The scale in the image is a type of sitting scale that is usually used to measure the weight of food ingredients and many other commercial objects. Scales are available in various units depending on the type and the requirement.

7. Ruler 


When measuring the length of an object, we normally use Ruller. In addition, It’s cheap and easy. People usually make Rulers with iron, mica, or wood. In conclusion, this measuring tool is widely used by people and is even considered a must-have item for school children.

8. Thermometer 



What is an instrument measuring the temperature of application in either Celsius or Fahrenheit? Its Thermometer. In addition, many people use thermometers in hospitals or laboratories. Another name is an infrared thermometer which is used to measure body temperature.

9. Beaker Glass Beaker Glass

Beaker Glass

To measure the volume of liquid, we usually use a breaker glass. Measuring the amounts of liquid chemicals before research. In addition, the beaker has a linear scale, which mainly indicates the size of the volume. Above all, this tool is available in a variety of sizes with the common unit in milliliters.

10. Stopwatch



Using to measure time in seconds. To determine a runner’s speed, reaction time, heating time, or time to work on something that is under a duration of one hour. In addition, people can replace stopwatch by watches or mobile phones. The accuracy of the stopwatch is considered to be higher than any other device with similar applications.

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