Mitutoyo 7031B Magnetic Stand



  • Generate high magnetic force up to 300N
  • Clamping pin fits different sizes of gauges
  • Capable of flexibly adjusting for different measuring needs
  • Compact size and convenient in practical conditions
  • Simple to use – quick to operate – accurate results


Spec đế từ khớp thủy lực Mitutoyo 7031B

Introduction Mitutoyo 7031B Magnetic Stand

The Mitutoyo 7031B Magnetic Stand is one of Mitutoyo’s most prominent product line magnetic stand. Smart design allows this device to operate dynamically. The hydraulic joints work smoothly to meet complex measurement requirements. Appicable holding stem sizes is Þ6mm, Þ8mm. Þ9,53mm. The ability to create forces up to 300N. This is the best choice for users when measuring with the indicator. 

1. Moving a flexible arm can measure any location

Mitutoyo 7031b’ s hydraulic structure is made of solid materials. Ensure high flexibility for products. This device is equipped with a mechanical lock system. Help keep the position of the arm where it needs to be measured firmly and adjust to the accuracy of ± 4. To make complex measurements that some other devices do not. Make sure the measurement is made faster and more accurate to the user.

Features Mitutoyo 7031B

The Mitutoyo 7031B magnetic stand securely holds dial indicators and dial test indicators to ensure measurements are as accurate as possible and repeatable. Different sizes and styles of magnetic stands, including flexible mini and universal stands, are available for different indicators and applications. The ON/OFF switch offers instant mounting and dismounting without any adverse effect to the indicators or workpiece.

  • Available with fine adjustments, mechanical locking systems and without magnet ON/OFF function
  • Some stands include dovetail groove
  • ON/OFF switch for easy, safe dismounting

Mitutoyo Brand

Mitutoyo was founded by Japanese Yehan Numata in 1934. Mitutoyo now offer a full line of more than 5,500 metrology tools, instruments and equipment to provide customers every metrology solution from one company. Mitutoyo provides measurement solutions for the Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Electronics, Energy, General Manufacturing, Medical, Plastics and Rubber industries


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